Current Status:

We are now incorporated as a non-profit organization! We have an EIN (employer identification number) and are in the process of filing for our tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 organization.

Pets Alive Westchester is still slated to close by September 15th, 2015. All the animals at PAW that have lived there their whole lives will be losing the only home they have ever known. By September 15th they will all be gone.

We hope to acquire property at 100 Warehouse Lane South in Elmsford in hopes of returning these legacy animals to their home.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple: Rescue one by one until there are none. Through this mission we will be a true no-kill rescue. This means we will not euthanize for treatable illnesses, behavior or breed. Most people don’t know that a “no-kill” shelter or rescue is still able to euthanize up to 10% of their population for any reason. We will only euthanize animals for end of life illness. We will succeed in this mission by focusing on rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in need.


*Please note: Donations will not be tax deductible until I receive tax exempt status*

Contact us at pawscrossedrescue@aol.com